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Are the Insects Leaving Us?

“The Little Things That Run the World” (insects, that is) was the intriguing title of an address by the famed biologist E. O. Wilson at the 1987 opening of the invertebrate exhibit at the National Zoological Park, in Washington D.C. Of course, no one group of organisms ‘runs’ the complex ecosystems of Earth. Still, insects …

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Agronomist holding test tube with wheat grains in field, closeup.

The Hessian Flies Are Coming! What Are Researchers Doing About It?

Since starting at Washington State University in 2010, I’ve seen Hessian fly infestations that caused significant losses in both production fields and test plots.  The first time I wrote about Hessian flies in Wheat Life, was in April 2013 due to concern at that time.  Fast forward six years. Now, when I visit spring wheat …

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Episode 99: Howard Nelson’s Hunt: Seeking the Elusive Eastern Washington Alternative Crop

Howard Nelson recently retired from evaluating alternative crops for HighLine Grain, but episode 99 remains on the job! Released Nov. 13, 2018, the podcast delves into Nelson’s career looking for the perfect rotational fit with wheat. One of the most listened to episodes in the Wheat All About It! archive, episode 99 deserves its selection as the inaugural Bonus episode.

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