Our Mission

To enhance the long-term profitability and competitiveness of Washington small grains and small grain producers by responsible allocation of assessment funds in research, marketing and education.

Washington State Provides the World's Best Grains

The WGC marketing objective is to:

Strengthen existing markets and develop new markets for PNW small grains with the goal to maintain and grow market share in existing, emerging and new markets through promotion, trade, transportation and policy activities; address country specific issues; and focus on end-use demand.

Strategies to accomplish the marketing objective include:

  • Direct & collaborative trade and technical servicing with foreign and domestic entities (USW, USGC, WMC, Quality labs, WFC, millers and end-users) to promote superior quality, consistency, and value of PNW (WA) wheat and barley in new and existing uses.
  • Work with policymakers, agencies and industry partners (WAWG, NBGA, NAWG, USW, NEAGA, PNWGFA, FGIS, APHIS, FAS, etc.) for policies beneficial to the small grain producer and industry.
  • Support and fund industry efforts for competitive and efficient domestic transportation of small grains.
  • Foster Tri-State cooperation
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The WGC research objective is to:

Encourage and support research to optimize grower, buyer and end user benefits with the goal of improving varietal agronomics, production systems, quality, and new uses for wheat and barley through efficiencies, targeted research and public/private collaboration.

Strategies to accomplish the research objective include:

  • Pursue efficiencies at all levels and fund targeted research to meet farmer and consumer needs.
  • Collaborate with PNW universities and commissions to align small grain research needs and standards, including public/private collaboration and use of novel traits that will benefit farmers and consumers in the long run.
  • Pursue new uses for small grains and additional funding sources for research.

The WGC education objective is to:

Promote and provide education with the goal that wheat and barley producers are recognized as good stewards of the land producing healthy, high quality small grains. through education, collaboration and outreach efforts.

Strategies to accomplish these goals include:

  • Pursue educational/public relations efforts, including collaboration with industry partners to benefit small grain producers.
  • Increase grower and constituent education efforts and services through presentations, grower meetings, print, media, and extension efforts.
  • Provide data and resources to represent the industry.
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