Scientist at falling number machine at the Wheat Marketing Center

USDA-ARS scientist explores causes of low falling numbers

An irony of Ashley
Cannon’s career is that her
goal of becoming an astronaut returned her to earth to
investigate some of the most
basic mechanisms of plant

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Glass of beer in hand against barley ears

Barley begins its Washington comeback

Breeding program to focus on developing varieties for malting industry.

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Aaron Carter in the greenhouse.

It’s getting better all the time

WSU winter wheat breeder Dr. Arron Carter reflects on his time leading the breeding program and looks toward beginning his next decade of working with farmers to solve problems.

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A cargo ship gets loaded with Washington grain in Portland, Oregon.

Washington Small Grains – Inspection and Export

Grain Inspectors with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Washington State Department of Agriculture ensure grain that is exported meets our customers needs for quality and consistency.

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A grain truck pulls a load of wheat to a storage facility in Washington state.

Washington Small Grains – Transportation

A robust transportation network affords Washington small grain farmers the ability to move grain to export facilities efficiently and competitively by rail and along the Snake/Columbia Rivers.

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A combine harvests wheat on the rolling hills of the Palouse in Washington state.

Washington Small Grains – Harvest

With some of the world’s most unique landscape, Washington wheat and barley farmers utilize some of the most advanced technology to harvest some of the country’s most fertile land for wheat. Take a look at the combines and other farm equipment while marveling at Washington’s beautiful landscape.

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