Wheat Quality

ENSURING You Get the Best Quality Wheat

More than 20 years ago, Washington became the first state to compile a Preferred Wheat Variety brochure, enshrining end-use quality as a byword of Eastern Washington wheat production. Each year, the brochure lists available varieties by their quality attributes based primarily on their milling and baking functionality. Varieties are ranked as “Most Desirable”, “Desirable”, “Acceptable”, “Least Desirable” and “Unacceptable except for specific customer specification.”
With a surplus of wheat on the world market frequently pressuring prices, soft white wheat, the smallest of the U.S. wheat classes, is consistently in demand. Because Asian markets demand quality, PNW exporters became the first in the U.S. to install grain cleaners necessary to ensure the lowest dockage levels and cleanest wheat available for shipment.

Wheat Quality Reports

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) annually produces Crop Quality Reports that include grade, flour and baking data for all six U.S. wheat classes. These reports are compiled from sample testing and analysis conducted during and after harvest. The reports provide helpful information to buyers seeking the best value in their purchase contracts. USW shares the data with customers in person and at meetings around the world.

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