Research and marketing are the oars of the WGC’s efforts, powering the industry forward with each stroke, but education is the boat that keeps farmers, landlords, industry allies, customers, scientists and government informed of the efforts underway.

The Education category takes about 7 percent of the WGC budget, including funds dedicated to Wheat Week the 4th and 5th grade educational program that teaches state standard science curriculum through the lens of the wheat industry. Started on the East side of the Cascades by the Franklin Conservation District in 2007, the program began offering its classes West of the Cascades in 2010. More than 20,000 students are touched by the Wheat Week Program every year.

Wheat in Hands

Other educational efforts

The WGC has made constituent outreach a major priority and social media avenues provide more opportunity to communicate with farmers, landlords, agribusinesses and the general public. The WGC supports additional educational programs and efforts through the Washington Wheat Foundation.
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