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The Washington Grain Commission does not buy or sell wheat or barley, and yet it serves as an essential link in the grain chain. Commissioners and staff not only intercede on behalf of farmers, wheat importers and exporters, when challenges arise, the group also helps maintain cordial relationships among customers. This is accomplished with overseas visits to milling and baking facilities as well as participation in meetings and events. Countries and companies frequently reciprocate with visits to the United States with the WGC annually hosting a dozen or more trade teams wanting to learn more about the wheat and barley industries and the crop itself.
Under Washington Wheat Suppliers, a listing of companies that assemble large shipments of grain for overseas and domestic destinations can be found. Several national organizations assist with these sales.
U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) and the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) serve as the American farmers’ export market development organizations representing wheat and barley.


Are you interested in buying wheat or barley from the United States?

The Washington Grain Commission may not buy broker or sell wheat, but it does help promote wheat sales, paving the way for farmers, elevator companies and exporters to do just that.
With exports of wheat and barley measured in thousands of tons, sales are facilitated through export grain companies. U.S. Wheat Associates and the U.S. Grains Council are national organizations that work with buyers to provide technical specification assistance to facilitate export sales of wheat and barley.  
Contact the nearest U.S. Wheat Associates office or the U.S. Grains Council for more information on wheat and barely exports.  A list of Washington’s bulk shipment operations can be found below. Consumers looking to buy small quantities of unmilled wheat berries can turn to local small sale platforms that can be found on the Internet.

Washington’s Wheat Suppliers

Almota Elevator Company Colfax, WA 509-397-3456
Columbia Grain International Clarkston, WA 509-758-1000
CHS, Sunbasin Growers Moses Lake, WA 509-234-2641
Eppich Grain Mesa, WA 509-269-4693
Gavilon LLC Lind, WA 509-677-3441
Highline Grain Growers Inc Waterville, WA 509-745-8551
Horse Heaven Grain Roosevelt, WA 509-384-5411
Inland Empire Milling Co St. John, WA 509-648-3366
Louis Dreyfus Commodities LLC Portland, OR 503-243-1133
McCoy Grain Terminal Colfax, WA 509-288-5408
McKay Seed Company Moses Lake, WA 509-766-9894
Mid-Columbia Producers Moro, WA 541-565-3737
Northwest Grain Growers Walla Walla, WA 509-525-6510
Palouse Grain Growers Palouse, WA 509-878-1621
PNW Farmers Cooperative Genessee, ID 208-285-1141
Pomeroy Grain Growers Pomeroy, WA 509-843-1694
CHS-Primeland Co-op Lewiston, ID 208-743-8551
Ritzville Warehouse Co Ritzville, WA 509-659-0130
Stateline Processors Tekoa, WA 509-284-4101
Tri-Cities Grain Pasco, WA 509-545-0900
Uniontown Coop. Assoc. Uniontown, WA 509-229-3828
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