Gary Bailey

Gary Bailey

District II Wheat (Whitman)

Gary Bailey, is a St. John wheat grower representing Whitman county, the state’s largest wheat growing county.

Bailey grew up in St. John, and received his bachelor’s degree in business and agriculture from the University of Idaho. He worked for what is now Northwest Farm Credit Services before returning to the farm in 1989.

Gary previously served on the Board of Directors for St. John Grain Growers, now Whitgro, and also served on the Local Advisory Committee for the Colfax branch of Northwest Farm Credit Services. He currently sits on Washington State University’s Land Legacy Committee, and the Board of Directors for St. John TelCo.

He raises winter wheat, spring wheat, and barley with his brother, Mark. His wife, Linda Bailey, is Associate Director of Development in the College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University. The couple have three sons.

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