Molecular Image

Molecular Technology is Changing the Breeding Game

Molecular technology has been rapidly changing in the past 20 years, making my job as Washington State University’s winter wheat breeder more complicated, and more streamlined simultaneously…

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Dead Wheat

Fusarium Crown Rot is Prevalent, Persistent & Pernicious

Fusarium crown rot of wheat is probably the most widespread of all root and crown diseases in the PNW. It is found in all precipitation zones and cropping systems–from conventional to no-till. It causes an…

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Agronomist holding test tube with wheat grains in field, closeup.

The Hessian Flies Are Coming! What Are Researchers Doing About It?

Since starting at Washington State University in 2010, I’ve seen Hessian fly infestations that caused significant losses in both production fields and test plots.  The …

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Expert hand of farmer checking soil health before growth a seed of vegetable or plant seedling.

Soil Health Assessment: What Is It Good For?

As defined by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, soil health is “the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains …

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