Washington Small Grains – Harvest

With some of the world’s most unique landscape, Washington wheat and barley farmers utilize some of the most advanced technology to harvest some of the country’s most fertile land for wheat. Take a look at the combines and other farm equipment while marveling at Washington’s beautiful landscape.

Wheat and barley crops are ready to harvest when they have dried to the appropriate moisture level, turning the plants a golden color.

Washington wheat and barley farmers can use technology in their combine to ensure wheat is at optimal conditions for harvest.

Washington’s unique landscape requires hillside combines that auto-level in order to harvest on a slope.

GPS technology is utilized to assist the harvest process.

Tractors pull bankout wagons, also known as grain carts, which help improve farm efficiency by quickly shuttling loads of wheat from the combine to waiting trucks.

Harvest in Washington typically starts in July and can run through early October.

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