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Over the past year, the Washington Grain Commission visited with over 60 brewers to find the answer to the question: Where do you get your malt?

This graphic shows where you can go to find breweries that feature beer made, all or in part, with Washington-grown malt.

Infographic image of Washington beer

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This graphic does not represent all of Washington breweries. We were only able to visit with a limited number of brewers this year. This list also focuses on craft brewers. Most brewers we talked to were working with 20-barrel brewing systems or smaller. Most brewers we connected with used at least a small amount of Washington-grown malt.

If you are a brewer who is interested in using more Washington-grown malt or are interested in being included in a future list, please connect with us! Email our communications director at wgc@wagrains.org.

This article originally appeared in the October 2022 issue of Wheat Life Magazine.

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