All About Grains

Wheat and barley are the primary grain crops grown in Washington. For decades, Washington farmers have worked the land and its soil to produce some of the highest quality grains in the world. Known throughout the globe as the home of soft white and club wheat production, Washington farmers also raise superb hard red winter and spring wheats. Barley is also a top choice among some farmers.

Washington farmers take their responsibilities seriously, and are proud to offer the most dependable and safest grain to their neighbors around the world.

  • We are family farms! There are roughly 4,067 active wheat and barley farmers in Washington State, and nearly all wheat farms in our state are owned and operated by families
  • Family wheat and barley farms are a large economic driver in Eastern Washington
  • In 2012, the Washington wheat industry contributed about $1.16 billion in production value to the state’s economy. Adding indirect output raises the total economic output of the wheat industry to $2.29 billion
  • We are an industry that creates a trade surplus for our state
  • More than 11,133 jobs are tied to wheat and barley farming in Washington
  • Farmers and ranchers are the hard-working, sustainable backbone of Eastern Washington

  • One bushel of wheat contains approximately one million individual kernels (berries).
  • The kernel is the seed from which the plant grows.
  • A modern combine can harvest 1,000 bushels (60 pounds = one bushel of wheat; 48 pounds = one bushel of barley) per hour.
  • More foods are made with wheat the world over than with any other cereal grain.
  • A family of four could live 10 years off the bread produced by one acre of wheat.
  • One 60-pound bushel of wheat provides about 42 pounds of white flour, 60 to 73 loaves of bread (depending on the size of the loaf and whether the bread is whole wheat), or 42 pounds of pasta.
  • Assuming a sandwich was eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it would take 168 days to eat the amount of bread produced from one bushel of wheat.
  • Crackers main ingredient is unbleached flour from soft red or soft white wheat.