Episode 87: Same Falling Number Discount, But Different Animal

Wheat All About It
Wheat All About It
Episode 87: Same Falling Number Discount, But Different Animal

8.21.18 Entitled “Same Falling Number Discount, But Different Animal”, episode 87 of Wheat All About It! explores the mechanisms of Late Maturity Alpha Amylase called LMA and Pre-harvest sprout, and why one is not as troublesome in end use products as the other. Nevertheless, farmers are being discounted as if they are the same. J.P. Ral, a French researcher working for an Australian agency, delves into the secrets of LMA  which is caused by a cold temperature shock rather than rain at harvest. Ral was recently at Washington State University bringing researchers up to speed on the phenomenon which is considered the No. 1 issue for Australian wheat breeders. Subscribe on iTunes or other podcast apps or go to wagrains.org to access Wheat All About It. Connect your smart phone by Wi-Fi or a four bar cellular link for quick downloads which can be listened to later in the tractor, truck, combine or easy chair.

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