Episode 183: Not Senator Mark Schoesler’s First Recession

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Episode 183: Not Senator Mark Schoesler’s First Recession

6.23.20 When you’ve been representing Eastern Washington in the Washington Legislature since 1993, you’re bound to have encountered a recession or two. COVID-19 has been an economic calamity for sure, but it’s not the first economic downturn that Senator Mark Schoesler has experienced while in state government, which is why episode 183 is entitled: Not Senator Mark Schoesler’s First Recession. A lifelong wheat farmer, Schoesler said there is bound to be a philosophical debate ahead about cutting services versus increasing revenue. Comparing Washington State University to a fruit tree, he said there might need to be prudent pruning to encourage production. Subscribe to Wheat All About It! on iTunes or other podcast apps for Android phones like Stitcher and Pocket Casts. The podcast is also available at the Washington Grain Commission website at wagrains.org and on the WGC Facebook page. 

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