Episode 16: Pay Attention!

Wheat All About It
Wheat All About It
Episode 16: Pay Attention!


Columbia County wheat farmer Jay Penner talks with Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, about the accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down in this episode of Wheat All About It! Listen to Penner describe in his own words how his world changed forever last fall and what he’d do differently if he had the chance. The episode, entitled: “Pay Attention!”, spends its second segment speaking to Steve Mercer, vice president of U.S. Wheat Associates, bringing the wheat community up to speed on two federal programs that are essential to ensure farmer profitability. Called the Market Access Program and the Foreign Market Development program, they also deserve farmers’ close attention. Go the wagrains.org to download or stream the podcast or subscribe on iTunes, (search for Wheat All About It) and get new episodes pushed to you.

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