Episode 151: Coming to America–From Peasant to Professor, Zhiwu Zhang’s Journey to WSU

Wheat All About It
Wheat All About It
Episode 151: Coming to America--From Peasant to Professor, Zhiwu Zhang's Journey to WSU

11.12.19 Hunger, no running water and hard manual labor are among Zhiwu Zhang’s memories of growing up in China before the country opened to the world. Now, an associate professor at Washington State University and a U.S. citizen, Zhang describes his upbringing in episode 151 entitled: “Coming to America—From Peasant to Professor, Zhiwu Zhang’s Journey to WSU.” Zhang, who has two PhD’s, came to WSU from Cornell to specifically work with wheat breeders in making sense of the hundreds of variables that new genetic technology has made available. Subscribe to Wheat All About It! on iTunes or other podcast apps like Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Overcast, Radio FM and others, or listen on your computer at wagrains.org.

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