Episode 136: Retired, Not Forgotten: Jim “Root Disease” Cook-2

Wheat All About It
Wheat All About It
Episode 136: Retired, Not Forgotten: Jim "Root Disease" Cook-2

7.30.19 In the second half of his conversation with Jim Cook entitled: Retired, Not Forgotten: Jim “Root Disease” Cook—2, Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, quizzes the retired ARS  plant pathologist about the demonization of glyphosate, his relationship with wheat breeder Orville Vogel and research on two Eastern Washington farms which led to a better understanding of the role of root disease pathogens in yield reduction.  Subscribe to Wheat All About It! on iTunes or other podcast apps like Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Overcast, Audio Player, Player FM and others, or listen on your computer at wagrains.org.

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