Episode 134: How Minneapolis Flour Milling Shaped Our World

Wheat All About It
Wheat All About It
Episode 134: How Minneapolis Flour Milling Shaped Our World

7.16.19 It’s rare that an industry can lay claim to changing the world, but the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota argues that modern flour milling did just that. Join Scott Yates, director of communications for the Washington Grain Commission, on a tour of the museum on the banks of the Mississippi River in episode 134 entitled: How Minneapolis Flour Milling Shaped Our World. Museum education staffer Winnie Froelich leads the way reminding listeners how roller milling technology, as well as the railroad and huge wheat farms in the Dakotas,  transformed the industry–and America. Subscribe to Wheat All About It! on iTunes or other podcast apps like Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Overcast, Audio Player, Player FM and others, or listen on your computer at wagrains.org.

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