Episode 113: Falling Numbers Friction–Up Country Lessons From HighLine Grain’s Paul Katovich

Wheat All About It
Wheat All About It
Episode 113: Falling Numbers Friction--Up Country Lessons From HighLine Grain's Paul Katovich

2.19.19 In the first of a three episode special devoted to the second Falling Numbers Summit held in Portland in late January, Paul Katovich, general manager of HighLine Grain Growers based in Waterville, addresses how country elevators and farmers have been impacted by the discountable phenomenon. In episode 113 entitled: Falling Numbers Friction—Upcountry Lessons from HighLine Grain’s Paul Katovich, learn how low falling numbers has impacted the relationship between cooperatives and the farmers they serve, as well as what his company is doing to help mitigate the damage, including segregations based on both variety and location in bad falling number years. Subscribe to Wheat All About It on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Player FM and other podcast apps and never miss an episode. For those with iPhones: touch the purple podcast icon and type “Wheat All About It” in the finder to listen quickly! Don’t have a smart phone? Listen on your computer at wagrains.org.

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