Wheat All About It

Episode 18: Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain with Matthew Weaver features the veteran Capital Press reporter in a conversation with Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission. Together, they discuss Weaver’s journalistic philosophy and his other life as a produced playwright.

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Episode 17: Wheat’s Ups and Downs

Wheat’s Ups and Downs, devotes its first segment to a presentation given by Glen Squires, CEO of the Washington Grain Commission at Farm Forum held in Spokane last February. He looks at present and future opportunities for the Pacific Northwest’s wheat industry in the Philippines, Japan, Korea and Latin America. The second segment, from the same meeting, is an investigation of the poor wheat fundamentals farmers are facing now. Randy Fortenbery, Washington State University agricultural economist who holds the Tom Mick Endowed Chair in Small Grains Economics, delivers the bad news.

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Episode 16: Pay Attention!

Columbia County wheat farmer Jay Penner talks with Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, about the accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down in this episode of Wheat All About It! Listen to Penner describe in his own words how his world changed forever last fall and what he’d do differently if he had the chance. The episode, entitled: “Pay Attention!”, spends its second segment speaking to Steve Mercer, vice president of U.S. Wheat Associates, bringing the wheat community up to speed on two federal programs that are essential to ensure farmer profitability. Called the Market Access Program and the Foreign Market Development program, they also deserve farmers’ close attention. Go the wagrains.org to download or stream the podcast or subscribe on iTunes, (search for Wheat All About It) and get new episodes pushed to you.

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Episode 15: Here to Help

Episode 15, Here to Help, is a podcast about three organizations that underpin the success of Pacific Northwest farmers. Sam White, chief operating officer of Pacific Northwest Farmers, speaks about the cooperative’s latest merger with Co-Ag; Janice Cooper, managing director of the Wheat Marketing Center, talks about her efforts to update the organization’s look and Jerry Robinson, manager of the Washington State Crop Improvement Association, addresses the abundance of varieties in the marketplace.

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Episode 14: Quality Endeavors

“Quality Endeavors” includes Dana Herron, WGC wheat commissioner; Doug Engle, cultivar development manager at the Western Wheat Quality Lab and Steve Wirsching, vice president of U.S. Wheat Associates, addressing quality issues surrounding the release of the 2017 Preferred Variety Brochure. Zach Gaines of Limagrain also talks about his company’s scrubbing the launch of a new variety because of quality concerns. And there’s a corrected version of the Whitman County Rural Library District historical photo program: the Rural Heritage Collection.

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Episode 13: Falling Numbers 102

“Falling Numbers 102” is Part 2 of the Ag Expo panel discussion. This one features Arron Carter, WSU winter wheat breeder, discussing the science behind low falling numbers.

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Episode 12: Falling Numbers 101

“Falling Numbers 101” is a Part 1 of a recording of a panel discussion on falling numbers sponsored by the WGC during Spokane Ag Expo. It features Ty Jessup, WGC commissioner and a grain merchandiser, and Don Potts, regional manager of the Washington Grain Inspection program.

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Episode 11: John Moffatt, Kingmaker

“John Moffatt, Kingmaker” interviews recently retired Syngenta wheat breeder, John Moffatt, about his history, his replacement and coming hybrid varieties.

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Episode 10: Elements Speak

“The Elements”, includes long range meteorologist Art Douglas’ predictions for the coming spring, summer and fall in Eastern Washington, plus a segment on Class 39 of the Washington Agriculture Forestry Education Foundation answering media questions.

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Episode 9: Wheat Academy

“Going to the Wheat Academy”, interviews participants and the organizer of the WSU event along with Camille Steber, ARS scientist, who taught the Wheat Academy class on falling numbers.

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