7.3.18 Randy Fortenbery, WSU ag economist, schools Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, in the changing fortunes of the global wheat market in episode 80, Giddy Up! A Ride With Randy Fortenbery, Ag Economist, part 2. Fortenbery addresses PNW farmers advantages —and disadvantages—in growing soft white wheat, the importance of “basis” in the Northwest, why the PNW needs to diversify its customer base and how he uses the weekly National Agriculture Statistic Service’s Crop Progress Report to anticipate production. Fortenbery also wades into the China question and what it means for one country to hold almost half the world’s wheat stocks.  Subscribe on iTunes and other podcast apps or go to wagrains.org to access Wheat All About It. Connect by Wifi or a four bar cellular link for quick downloads which can be listened to later in the tractor, truck, combine or easy chair.