1.21.20 The audience loved him so much the first time he spoke at the Tri State Grain Growers Convention several years ago, that organizers invited author and global strategist Peter Zeihan back a second time. He did not disappoint. In episodes 161 and 162, entitled The Old World Order is Dead! Long Live the New World Order!, listen in as Zeihan brings his prognosticating skills to the Grand Hotel in downtown Spokane on Nov. 15, 2019. According to Zeihan, Americans are living in the most consequential moment in U.S history since the end of World War II. His vision of the future is double-edged: good for American farmers, bad for much of the planet, which will fall into devastating famine. Subscribe to Wheat All About It! on iTunes and other podcast apps like Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Overcast and Radio FM. Or download multiple episodes when you have a strong WiFi signal from the WGC website at wagrains.org