Soil Health Assessment: What Is It Good For?

By Haiying Tao

As defined by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, soil health is “the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans.”

The term first appeared in the literature in 1971 and during the past 40 years has gained world-wide attention. In the past six years, interest […]

The Hessian Flies Are Coming! What are researchers doing about it?

By Mike Pumphrey

Since starting at Washington State University in 2010, I’ve seen Hessian fly infestations that caused significant losses in both production fields and test plots.  The first time I wrote about Hessian flies in Wheat Life, was in April 2013 due to concern at that time.  Fast forward six years. Now, when I visit […]

Episode 128: Straight From The Brumby’s Mouth

6.4.19 Wheat farming is not a one size fits all sort of endeavor. Go anywhere in the world and you’ll find farmers who have adapted practices to their soils and their environment, as well as access to nutrients, technology and equipment. In episode 128 of Wheat All About It! entitled: Straight From The Brumby’s Mouth, […]

Episode 127: Busy Art Bettge Makes Soft White Wheat His Business–The Sequel

5.28.19 In the second half of a conversation with cereal scientist Art Bettge, learn about the different versions of soft white wheat grown in the Northwest—known as 510s and 212s—and how they impact the “sweet spot” when blended with high protein red wheats. Also, in episode 127 entitled: Busy Art Bettge Makes Soft White Wheat […]

Episode 126: Busy Art Bettge Makes Soft White Wheat His Business

5.21.19 For those who live in Moscow, Idaho, Art Bettge is a two term city councilman. But for those involved with the Pacific Northwest wheat industry, Bettge is a cereal chemist with 40 years of experience. After retiring from the Pullman-based Western Wheat Quality Lab in 2008, Bettge opened a consulting firm specializing in the […]

Episode 125: The Falling Numbers Test Meets the Hypobaric Chamber

5.14.19 Wheat samples will be graded using a new protocol—and a new measurement device—to provide more accurate falling number test results for the 2019 harvest. Stephen Delwiche, a scientist with the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, discusses traveling to a U.S. Army research facility to develop an important part of the […]

Episode 124: A Visit to Lo Mo, the Apollo 11 of Snake River Dams, continues

In the second part of a visit to Lower Monumental Dam sponsored by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District, and the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association, learn more about the functioning of the dam’s giant lock and the importance of Tainter valves. Episode 124, entitled: A Visit to Lo Mo, the Apollo 11 of […]

Episode 123: A Visit To Low Mo, the Apollo 11 of Snake River Dams

4.30.19 It’s been 50 years since the first barge passed through the lock at Lower Monumental Dam on April 15, 1969, only a few months before the first moon landing, which is why episode 123 of Wheat All About It! is entitled: A Visit To Lo Mo, the Apollo 11 of Snake River Dams. During […]

Episode 122: The World Wheat O’Clock Report Returns!

4.23.19 Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, takes over the news anchor chair in episode 122 of Wheat All About It! entitled: The World Wheat O’clock Report Returns. The wheat report, brings listeners news about our favorite crop as well as stories that affect agriculture and farmers across […]

Episode 121: Investigating Insects–And Climate Change–With UI’s Sanford Eigenbrode

Insect population as well as insect biodiversity are on the decline according to many studies and while insects can damage crops, the wholesale reduction is not positive for agriculture. Find out why in episode 121 of Wheat All About It! when Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, speaks […]