Episode 102: WSU’s Randy Fortenbery Paints a Troubling Economic Picture in Hopeful Colors, 2.

12.4.18 In episode 102 of Wheat All About It!  WSU Ag Economist Randy Fortenbery continues to mine USDA numbers from the second part of a presentation he gave during the Washington State Crop Improvement Association annual meeting Nov. 12, 2018. The numbers project a European Union that will soon become the world’s biggest wheat exporter as […]

Episode 101: WSU’s Randy Fortenbery Paints a Troubling Economic Picture in Hopeful Colors

If your livelihood depends on wheat, then you must listen to episode 101 entitled: WSU’s Randy Fortenbery Paints a Troubling Economic Picture in Hopeful Colors. Fortenbery, who holds the Thomas B. Mick Chair in Agricultural Economics at Washington State University, addressed issues that farmers, landlords and agribusinesses care about during the Washington State Crop Improvement […]

Episode 100: Interviewing the Interviewer

11.20.18 The 100th episode of Wheat All About It! finds farmer and WGC Commissioner Mike Carstensen behind the microphone as he “Interviews the Interviewer”. Carstensen takes over podcast duties to interview Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission. Join Carstensen as he quizzes Yates about his family, his career […]

Episode 99: Howard Nelson’s Hunt: Seeking the Elusive Eastern Washington Alternative Crop

Wheat is the king of Eastern Washington’s dryland field crops, but there has never been a shortage of alternative crops seeking to share its throne. For most of his career, HighLine Grain’s Howard Nelson has been evaluating alternatives to wheat, looking for the perfect rotational fit with wheat—a search he believes has netted three definite […]

Episode 98: Ag Burning: A Program That Works

10.6.18 The battle between wheat farmers wanting to maintain fire as a tool and air activists wanting to extinguish the practice, was hard fought nearly 20 years ago. Today, burning wheat stubble in Eastern Washington remains an alternative, but it is done with nary a complaint over smoke, thanks to the Washington Department of Ecology’s […]

Episode 97: What? Me Retire? Lessons On Life After Farming

With a generation of Eastern Washington wheat farmers on the cusp of retirement, who better to guide them through its economic and emotional complexities than farmers who have gone before? In episode 97 entitled: “What? Me Retire? Lessons on Life After Farming”, Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, […]

Episode 96: The Brave New World of Farming Comes to Farmington

10.23.18 Sensors planted in fields and drones flying overhead, both collecting data to improve crops and reduce inputs, is not science fiction anymore. In episode 96 entitled, “The Brave New World of Farming Comes to Farmington”, Andrew Nelson explains what he’s hoping to accomplish as part of an effort that has him partnering with Microsoft. […]

Episode 95: Wolf’s Guide to Wacky Northwest Weather

10.16.18 A weak El Nino with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) in the positive phase is facing Eastern Washington wheat farmers in the 2018/2019 crop season, the same set-up that brought the region’s worst drought in modern history in the 1976/1977 crop year. But don’t despair, Jeremy Wolf, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said […]

Episode 94: Dennis Solbrack May Not Bleed Green, But He Lives Green–John Deere Green!

10.9.18 Episode 94 continues an engaging discussion with Dennis Solbrack, new product engineer at the Pape Machinery location outside Colfax, Wash. In the second of two parts, Solbrack talks about the ownership of data that today’s machinery spews by the second, exactly what sort of work farmers can perform on today’s software laden equipment, competition […]

Board team travel an eye-opening experience

By Mike Carstensen

Clearing customs in Beijing, a half world away from my center of the universe 10 miles north of Almira, I found myself face-to-face with a Chinese policeman carrying an automatic rifle and a stern expression. We may not have spoken the same language, but his message was clear: “No photos!”

Although I’ve only served […]