Episode 160: Name That Wheat Industry Challenge!

1.14.20 It is said that challenges contains within them the seeds of opportunity and growth, but what exactly are the primary challenges facing the Pacific Northwest wheat industry? In episode 160, entitled: “Name That Wheat Industry Challenge!”, join Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, as he quizzes a […]

Episode 159: Jim Jesernig Eyes the 2020 Washington Legislature with 20/20 Vision

1.7.20 The Washington Legislature, which begins its 2020 session on January 13, comes under the eye of Jim Jesernig, attorney, former legislator, former director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture and current lobbyist for the Washington Grain Commission. In episode 159 entitled: “Jim Jesernig Eyes The 2020 Washington Legislature with 20/20 vision,” listen in […]

Episode 158: KXLY’s Mark Peterson’s Wetter & Warmer Than Normal Forecast

12.31.19 Warm air holds more moisture than cool air, and since forecasters are predicting a warmer than normal season ahead, it makes sense it will be wetter too. In episode 158, entitled, “KXLY’s Mark Peterson’s Wetter & Warmer Than Normal Forecast,” listen in as the veteran Spokane radio and television broadcaster talks about his weather […]

Episode 157: Pitching Lessons From Life, The Rookie Speaks! 2

12.24.19 In episode 157, the second half of Pitching Lessons From Life, The Rookie Speaks, follow the journey of Jim Morris as he leaves teaching and begins life on the road in the minor leagues for a second time—until he is called up to the majors. While his high school baseball team looks on from […]

Episode 156: Pitching Lessons From Life, The Rookie Speaks!

Young men and women everywhere have dreams, but for most individuals, those dreams fall by the wayside as life’s demands unfold. That’s what happened to Jim Morris, a 35 year old high school science teacher and baseball coach who saw his life transformed when his team presented him with a bet: We win the district […]

Episode 155: Leadership & Learning the Ag Forestry Way!

12.10.19 Life changing experiences come in all shapes and sizes, and for many of the more than a thousand people who have graduated from the Washington Ag Forestry Leadership Program, particpation represents a crucial milepost in their lives. In episode 155 entitled: Leadership and Learning the Ag Forestry Way, listen in as Matt Kloes, executive […]

Episode 154: Gut Check–How Bread Boosts the Microbiome

12.3.19 The gut microbiome may well be the last frontier of nutrition science and lucky for wheat farmers, bread and other wheat-based products are among the perfect foods to feed the fantastic community of micro organisms that exist there. In episode 154 of Wheat All About It! entitled: “Gut Check—How Bread Boosts the Microbiome”, listen in […]

Episode 153: When Trade Teams Come Calling, Joe Bippert Answers

11.26.19 Once a relative backwater for hosting trade teams, Eastern Washington has become a must visit destination for wheat buyers from around the world who want to learn more about the grain they are receiving, the farmers who grow it and the infrastructure that transports it. Joe Bippert, program director for the Washington Grain Commission, […]

Episode 152: Trista Crossley is Having the Time of Her Wheat Life

11.19.19 Much of the work of ensuring Pacific Northwest wheat farmers are successful happens behind the scenes by people who are rarely recognized for their contributions. Episode 152 entitled: “Trista Crossley is Having the Time of Her Wheat Life”, introduces one of those essential players. Crossley, who has been editor of the Washington Association of […]

Episode 151: Coming to America–From Peasant to Professor, Zhiwu Zhang’s Journey to WSU

11.12.19 Hunger, no running water and hard manual labor are among Zhiwu Zhang’s memories of growing up in China before the country opened to the world. Now, an associate professor at Washington State University and a U.S. citizen, Zhang describes his upbringing in episode 151 entitled: “Coming to America—From Peasant to Professor, Zhiwu Zhang’s Journey […]