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Episode 108: Gregg Doud Talks Trade With a Trump Spin

1.15.19 Interested in the inside scoop about President Trump’s trade policies and on-going negotiations with countries around the world? Then you must listen to episode 108, entitled: Gregg Doud Talks Trade with a Trump Spin. Doud, who holds the rank of ambassador, is Trump’s Chief Agriculture Negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. […]

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Seventy Seasons of Service

The Western Wheat Quality Lab becomes a septuagenarian
By Craig Morris and David Bolingbroke

Interest in the baking quality of wheat is as old as agriculture itself, but the ability to quantify and research methods to improve it are of a more recent vintage.

In the U.S., the revolution in technology, transportation and industrialization in the latter half […]

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Bringing a miller perspective to USW’s overseas operations

Farmers can appreciate better than most how a parent’s choices can transform their children’s lives. In Mark Fowler’s case, his father’s path led him away from his parent’s Kansas farm, to be the first in the family to receive a college degree and onward to a career as a Spanish teacher.

Although Fowler spent time on […]

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Welcome Ben Barstow & Brian Cochrane

Ben Barstow from Palouse, Wash. and Brian Cochrane of Kahlotus, are the newest members of the 10 member Washington Grain Commission board.

Barstow, who has a bachelor degree from the University of Idaho focusing on plant protection and a master’s degree involving insect sampling, was previously an extension agent in North Idaho. He and his wife, […]

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