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Episode 91: A Vacation Everyday! Harvest With Mike Carstensen

9.18.18 Even a vacation has it’s bad days, but mostly holidays are experiences that recharge a person’s batteries to return to the grind of the workaday world. For WGC Commissioner Mike Carstensen, however, farming is, “A Vacation Everyday.” In episode 91 of Wheat All About It!, Scott Yates joined Carstensen in his combine in late […]

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Changes in latitudes/attitudes shift Latin America

By Joe Bippert

More than 400 Latin American millers, and those who support them, gathered in Cartagena, Colombia in late November to discuss the current state of the region’s milling markets, discover new and innovative technology, network with colleagues and receive updates from world’s wheat suppliers.

The 35th annual Latin American Wheat Milling Industry (ALIM) conference has […]

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The future of herbicides in wheat is bleak

By Ian Burke

As a research scientist, it’s not always easy to have a farmer perspective on herbicides. I suspect most farmers see the number of products available positively. Looking at the advertisements in Wheat Life and other agricultural periodicals, it appears there is an endless number of products available with new ones appearing every year.

But […]

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2018 Preferred Wheat Varieties

2018 Preferred Wheat Varieties

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Washington Wheat’s Journey

Ride along as we take a look at the life cycle of Washington wheat from research and breeding to farming, milling and consumption.

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