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Episode 160: Name That Wheat Industry Challenge!

1.14.20 It is said that challenges contains within them the seeds of opportunity and growth, but what exactly are the primary challenges facing the Pacific Northwest wheat industry? In episode 160, entitled: “Name That Wheat Industry Challenge!”, join Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the Washington Grain Commission, as he quizzes a […]

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Molecular technology is changing the breeding game

By Arron Carter

Molecular technology has been rapidly changing in the past 20 years, making my job as Washington State University’s winter wheat breeder more complicated, and more streamlined simultaneously.
There are many different aspects of “molecular technology.” Manipulating genetic material and cellular process is part of it, but so are innovations in computational and manufacturing technology.

On […]

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Fusarium crown rot is prevalent, persistent & pernicious

By Timothy Paulitz and Kimberly Garland-Campbell, USDA-ARS Wheat Health, Genetics and Quality Research Unit

Fusarium crown rot of wheat is probably the most widespread of all root and crown diseases in the PNW.  It is found in all precipitation zones and cropping systems–from conventional to no-till. It causes an average of 10 percent yield loss most […]

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A world where the U.S. and Russia can play

By Scott A. Yates

Vince Peterson may be the organization’s president and Mark Fowler, it’s vice president of overseas operations, but when it comes to the voice of U.S. Wheat Associates, that would be Steve Jon Mercer, a veteran of agricultural fields that have nothing to with farming.

Although Mercer grew up in a small northern Illinois […]

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2019 Preferred Wheat Varieties Brochure

2019 Preferred Wheat Varieties Brochure

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