Wheat All About It! Podcast

Ever wish there was a way to listen to a magazine in your truck, tractor, combine or maybe even your easy chair with your eyes closed? Then the Washington Grain Commission-sponsored podcast, Wheat All About It! is for you. About 20 minutes in length, the podcast can be downloaded to your smart phone or computer or streamed. Download times vary depending on speed of the connection. Coffee shops, parts shops and libraries often have fast Wi-Fi to download episodes quickly.

Download from website >

Download from itunes >


Don’t know how to download a podcast? On Android phones, use your internet browser to link through the Washington Grain Commission webpage at http://wagrains.org/cast to access the episodes. Click the link “Download from website” if you don’t have an iTunes account. It will take you to the WAAI episodes. Select an episode and when “Wheat All About It! appears, click on “Download file”. When you want to play the podcast, go to your “Apps” page and click on the “Download” icon where WAAI appears.

I-Phones vary according to the generation but most have a podcast app already installed. Click to open and search for Wheat All About It in the search bar. All WAAI podcast episodes will appear. Click on the cloud with the arrow to download a specific episode. When you want to listen, click on the I-phone’s podcast icon. It’s simpler than it sounds, but when all else fails, ask your grandchildren for help!