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Juggling thousands of balls

WSU’s statistical geneticist makes sense of data
By Scott A. Yates

As recently as a decade ago, wheat breeders had a couple of hundred data points—that is, sets of measurements—to base their decisions on which preliminary lines to advance. It was difficult to make sense of all the numbers, but not impossible.

Fast forward to 2016 and thanks […]

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Relationships, relationships, relationships

The three most important elements to sell wheat overseas

There’s a lot about the world wheat market that is out of the Washington Grain Commission’s control. The organization can’t influence the weather, foreign farmers’ planting decisions or ocean shipping rates, among other global events. But what sway it lacks in those sectors, the WGC makes up […]

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Better, stronger, faster: the $15 million greenhouse

By Mike Pumphrey, WSU spring wheat breeder

It’s been a little over a year since the doors to the expanded Washington Grain Plant Growth Facility opened, or if you measure time like Washington State University (WSU) winter wheat breeder Arron Carter, it’s been enough time to grow 6,500 new doubled-haploid breeding lines. 

Thanks to the vision, support, […]

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Snake River Dams — Facts

by Pacific Northwest Waterways Association

The Columbia Snake River System is a 465-mile river highway that provides farmers and other producers as far as the Midwest access to international markets.1
The Snake River experienced a 60% increase in cargo movement from 2011 to 2014.2
4,361,000 tons of cargo were barged on the Snake River in […]

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One crop, three markets

Don’t overlook food barley
By Kevin Murphy

Of the 110,000 acres of barley that will be harvested in Washington this year, most of the crop will go for livestock rations with malting types for beer production a distant second. Although food barley types presently take an even thinner slice of the consumption pie, I believe the ancient […]

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The Pacific Northwest’s border with Latin America and the Caribbean

Portland conference draws Southern Hemisphere crowd
By Scott A. Yates

It might not have been the obvious choice to locate a conference that seeks to attract participants from Central and South America, including the Caribbean, but U.S. Wheat Associates’ gamble to make Portland the venue for the 12th annual Latin America Buyers Conference certainly paid off.

A semi-annual […]

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Two for the price of one!

Winter and spring wheat breeders honored as Vogel co-chairs
By Rich Koenig

The O.A. Vogel Endowed Chair in Wheat Breeding and Genetics, a recognition financed by a $1.5 million contribution made by what was then the Washington Wheat Commission in 1998, has not one, but two new custodians.

Arron Carter, Washington State University’s winter wheat breeder and Mike […]

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Falling Number FAQ

Frequently asked questions – Low Falling Number and Wheat
Published By: Washington State University Extension
“Falling numbers” refers to a test for increased alpha amylase activity, an enzyme which when present can significantly reduce grain quality. The lower the number, the higher the enzyme activity, and thus the lower the quality.

1. What is the falling number test? […]

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On going falling numbers research


Reduce Falling Numbers Risk

Research strategies to stay out of the red.

By Camille M. Steber, Arron H. Carter, and Michael O. Pumphrey

Farmers who already balance a myriad of factors when choosing a particular wheat variety to plant now have a new concern to consider: a variety’s susceptibility to low Falling Numbers (FN).

Varieties that produces flour with […]

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WGC 2016-17 Budget and Annual Report

To view the 2016-17 WGC budget and the 2016 Annual Report clicks the link below.

2016-17 Budget

2016 Annual Report


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