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Brian Cochrane and Stacy Kniveton Candidates



District 5 Candidates
Brian F. Cochrane
Kahlotus, WA

Candidate Profile:
Education: US Air Force Academy; MS USC
Years of Farming: 12
Affiliations: Lifetime member WAWG

Candidate Statement:
With over 100 years and 4 generations of dry land wheat and barley farming I embrace the mission of the Washington Grain Commission of increasing knowledge/education, marketing, and research. My name is Brian Cochrane; I am […]

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Growing wheat is practicing chemistry

By Dana Herron

How many of you are familiar with cereal chemistry?  Does the phrase conjure up visions of mad scientists frantically whipping up a new cereal?  Actually, you’re not that far off!  The only misnomer is the mad part.  Let me explain.

Recently three wheat commissioners and Mary Sullivan, vice president of the Washington Grain Commission, […]

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Chugging toward the last stop on the eyespot, Cephalosporium stripe express

By Tim Murray

There is a light at the end of the Cephalosporium stripe and eyespot tunnel—and it’s not a train!

Cephalosporium and eyespot, which was formerly referred to as strawbreaker foot rot, have been through several tunnels already and come out better for it in terms of our understanding of the diseases as well as reducing […]

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Board team travel an eye-opening experience

By Mike Carstensen

Clearing customs in Beijing, a half world away from my center of the universe 10 miles north of Almira, I found myself face-to-face with a Chinese policeman carrying an automatic rifle and a stern expression. We may not have spoken the same language, but his message was clear: “No photos!”

Although I’ve only served […]

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Sixty years of advocacy!

By Scott A. Yates

Reading the minutes from the first meeting of the Washington Wheat Commission held on April 30, 1958 reveals the creation of an organization that went through some birthing pains.
Or as Joe Dwyer, then the director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture, said as acting chairman of the organization at the inaugural […]

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Changes in latitudes/attitudes shift Latin America

By Joe Bippert

More than 400 Latin American millers, and those who support them, gathered in Cartagena, Colombia in late November to discuss the current state of the region’s milling markets, discover new and innovative technology, network with colleagues and receive updates from world’s wheat suppliers.

The 35th annual Latin American Wheat Milling Industry (ALIM) conference has […]

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The future of herbicides in wheat is bleak

By Ian Burke

As a research scientist, it’s not always easy to have a farmer perspective on herbicides. I suspect most farmers see the number of products available positively. Looking at the advertisements in Wheat Life and other agricultural periodicals, it appears there is an endless number of products available with new ones appearing every year.

But […]

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2018 Preferred Wheat Varieties

2018 Preferred Wheat Varieties

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Wheat All About It Episode 48

Dana Herron – The Seedsman Commissioner
Dana Herron is the longest serving commissioner on the Washington Grain Commission and co-owner of Tri State Seed, based in Connell. In episode 48 entitled, “Dana Herron—the Seedsman Commissioner,” Scott Yates, director of communications and producer relations for the WGC, talks with him about his history, his evolution in the […]

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Wireworm threat abates

Remember wireworms? Of course you do. It wasn’t so long ago the pesky critters which come in 14 different species in the Pacific Northwest, were eating many farmers’ lunch as they ate the roots of wheat plants.

Numerous stories in Wheat Life have described the problem, which began with loss of the chemical Lindane in 2006. […]

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